Projects & Commissions 

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'Being an expressive artist I intend to create contemporary artwork full of colour, motion and life. In the process of designing I get not only influenced by the brief itself but also by the context of the architectural setting. Whether I design glass-art  for your home, office, public building or a church, my main aim is to capture an idea and transform it into a unique bespoke piece you will be thrilled with and which will be loved for years to come.


I am often inspired by nature and its elements that assist me to generate all initial ideas to be further integrated into the architectural artwork.
Techniques that characterise my work are hand painting and airbrushing of vitreous enamels combined with and acid etching, sand carving and surface embellishing with precious metals. I also love exploring the optical effects of glass, reflective surfaces and the interaction with direct light.

These allow me to explore the true properties of glass and thus reveal its inner beauty. My ultimate aspiration is to convey my vision into a unique piece of art that is not only an uplifting compliment to its building and surroundings but also an aesthetical element evoking positive feelings with the viewers.

Commissioning a stained glass artwork is an exciting and creative process. Working closely with clients, consulting at each stage and in regular contact to ensure that the final piece is exactly what you are looking for. 

Any glass art can be made to order as each handcrafted project has its own unique specifics indicating guidelines regarding cost and timeline. 

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I usually meet the client either on site, at their home or office so we can discuss all the details of the commission including budget, possible techniques and reviewing the site plans.


Unless the building is still in the planning stage, I take accurate measurements of the openings, photographs and get the overall feel for the building.

We then open a conversation regarding the initial design concept along with the architect or any professionals involved. I always welcome any suggestions whether it be the client's personal vision, brief or just a general feel for an idea.  



When I have collected an adequate amount of source material and ideas, I then return to my studio and begin working on the design using mixed media or digital form. I often like to illustrate how the glass will complement the architecture by creating a 'mock up' of the design in-situ . 

This then leads to my design presentation for feedback and discussion. 



Fabrication is a very exciting part of the design development. At this stage I can finally interpret the initial two dimensional design into its new unique form of glass.


The main techniques that characterise my work are airbrushed transparent enamels combined with freehand painting, etching and fine detail embellishments with gold.  I also love the effects of optical glass and reflective surfaces interacting with direct light.

I would love to hear from you If you are thinking about commissioning a piece – please do get in touch.  

Alternatively, see my gallery of previous work examples, which might draw a clearer idea. Speaking from the core of my passion and extensive experience, no project is ever too big or small and the possibilities are truly endless.