Elizabeth is an expressive architectural glass artist whose artworks are full of colour, motion and life. 

In 2011 she gained a first class (BA Hons) Degree in Architectural glass at Swansea Metropolitan University which followed after four years studying glass painting in the Czech Republic.  In addition, in 2011 she received The Award for Excellence from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of glass.

Nature has become the inexhaustible source of inspiration for most of her designs.  Also the influence of light enables her to capture new ideas and integrate them into the architectural artwork. Those qualities are embedded in suggestive images which approach both the viewer’s feelings and sensory reactions.

Elizabeth’s favourite techniques are painting combined with airbrushing, sandblasting and experimenting with multiple layers of glass.

She believes that architectural glass has a positive impact on the place we live in and also on our daily life. In her approach glass is not a mere medium, but also a subject indicating an emotive message


I’ll generally arrange to meet the client/s either on site or at their office or home. We’ll discuss all the technical details of the commission, possible techniques and look at site plans.

If the building already exists, I will take accurate measurements of the apertures, take some photographs and generally get a feel for the building.

I’ll meet and discuss my ideas for the design with clients, the architect and other professionals involved. It is generally beneficial if the staff or users of a building feel that they have had some input into the work. 


When I’ve collected an adequate amount of source material and ideas, I’ll return to my studio and begin development of my initial design.  This will be created on paper or in photoshop. Occasionally, when appropriate, I may make a three-dimensional model of the design to illustrate how the glass will complement the architecture.


The design will then be presented to the client(s) for discussion. I’ll explain the methodology and meaning of the work, and  will listen to any feedback. If the Client wants me to make some changes, I’ll go away and make modifications. These two stages will be repeated until the Design is agreed.


Head of Advertising

After a final check of the exact glass sizes, an approved design will be realised by one, or more, of the techniques below, and by exploring possible surface treatments. Where possible, I prefer to make my work myself in my studio, because it gives me more control over the manufacturing processes. However, if the scale or process required for some commissions is too large for me to accommodate, then the fabrication can be made at Recclesia Glass Studios.

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