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Private Residence, North London
The glass art is from a recent series of designs I had the delight to create for one truly charming period home currently being restored.

The client longed for vibrant stained glass featuring some references to the decor, stone carvings on the exterior along with evoking a sense of a warm welcome to the family and visitors.

The glass artwork as a whole also intends to celebrate colour, movement and light, which is one of the unique characteristics of stained glass.

There is a magical moment when light enters stained glass and, in this particular situ , floods the hallway with heart warming Autumnal colours.

Some of the fabrication processes use in this project were: Hand cut mouth blown glass ( Gold Pink Flash ), which was acid etched, silver stained, hand painted with vitreous enamels, kiln fired several times and finally leaded and weather proofed. 
Designed and made for Recclesia.

"Having thoughts about your front door or windows? Don't hesitate to get in touch and we can commence with the beautiful transformation."

Stained glass

Private Residence, London

The joyous semi- abstract composition depicts an uplifting view into the landscape that spans across all three Library windows. The idea came from envisioning one reading a book in a peaceful library while occasionally taking a rest looking into the beautiful landscape.

The three glass artworks are being hand crafted through meticulous application of contemporary and traditional techniques, some of which didn't change for centuries.


These delicate and elaborate decorations are displaying outstanding glass painting skills, life long craftsmanship and knowledge of contemporary stained glass. 


Designed and made for Recclesia.

Forest Glass Blinds, commissioned by a private residence in Geneva. 

I always enjoy designing glass art for a specific architectural location, which is what already gives my artwork a very useful purpose. However, combining glass art with an actual function is what really excites me. That’s why I’ve designed and made Glass Blinds. The piece is not only an aesthetic feature, but also a practical part of a building with its moveable glass louvers constantly tweaking the look and atmosphere of the interior. 
Due to the combination of techniques the panel behaves as a natural light box and remains luminous even on a cloudy day. 
Some of the fabrication methods I’ve used include hand painting, silk screening, silver stain, deep sand carving and surface etching. I’ve also added some fine lustrous details hand painted with genuine platinum.
If you can imagine similar Glass Blinds as a unique feature in your home or office, please contact me for enquiries.

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