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Static Liquid
These sculptures were made as sample pieces representing 1:1 sections of large privacy screens I designed for a new state of the art concert hall, currently an ongoing project, in the Czech Republic. 
They are 750 x 450 mm in size, fused at 850’C, slumped, kiln formed and featuring optical lenses, hand painted with transparent enamels and sandblasted. My inspiration for these sculptures came from the beautiful sea and the movement of water. 

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Photo: Michael Illas.


This handcrafted glass sculprure was inspired by beautiful and precious sea life.


The unique glass artwork is a cast glass, hand made as a true replica of a large oyster shell, which includes an optical glass pearl.


Made through the technique of kilncasting, which is an elaborative process known as to be technically challenging, requiring a precision at each stage of the creative process along with thoroughly planned kiln time, during which the glass melts ( at 820 '- 880'C ) and flows into its mold. There, after many hours, the glass solidifies and creates the desired object. Further cold working processes are applied to remove the remains of the plaster mold, the details are refined and the artwork is polished. In keeping with the organic textures, and to enhance the translucency of the glass, the Shell piece was polished in Hydrofluoric Acid.


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I had the pleasure to co create these for Reyntiens Studio and the client, renowned milliner Victoria Grant. 

I designed these decorative stackable glass jars and had them mouth blown in various colours including clear and pink. They are perfect for your candies and other munchies whilst they can perform as a striking feature in any open plan interior. 

Minimal textures painted with red luster. 

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