Cambridge Panel

A delicate round panel I had the pleasure making for Lord Eatwell, a professor and current President of Queens’ College, Cambridge. This was a delightful project to have worked on for Recclesia Ltd and the panel is now situated at the President’s Lodge at Queens’ College, where it’s likely to remain for the next 200 + years.

The heraldic motive, representing a family coat of arms, is interpreted in glass through a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques. The mouth blown flash glass is etched, engraved, hand painted, enamelled and layered with an additional glass sheet forming a golden floral background, with a vignette like finish that adds depth and density to the entire composition.


Considering its size, 320 mm in diameter,  this unique panel belongs amongst one of the most technically elaborate, precision demanding pieces I have worked on so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Forest Glass Blinds, commissioned by a private residence in Geneva. 

I always enjoy designing glass art for a specific architectural location, which is what already gives my artwork a very useful purpose. However, combining glass art with an actual function is what really excites me. That’s why I’ve designed and made Glass Blinds. The piece is not only an aesthetic feature, but also a practical part of a building with its moveable glass louvers constantly tweaking the look and atmosphere of the interior.

Due to the combination of techniques the panel behaves as a natural light box and remains luminous even on a cloudy day. 
Some of the fabrication methods I’ve used include hand painting, silk screening, silver stain, deep sand carving and surface etching. I’ve also added some fine lustrous details hand painted with genuine platinum.

If you can imagine similar Glass Blinds as a unique feature in your home or office, please contact me with your enquiries.

Adie Quit Smoking

This exhibition piece is a life size portrait of my lovely friend and it conveys a positive and encouraging message to anyone aiming to give up smoking.  As a healthier option I have depicted Adie, with a touch of humour, holding an asparagus in one hand, as opposed to a cigaret, and in his other hand an egg instead of an ashtray.

The LED backlit stained glass panel is entirely hand painted, featuring original Victorian glass and unique mouth blown flash glass. 

Just like any design work made in glass, Portrait in glass is incredibly durable and its life can span over hundreds of years and so it can become a family treasure for generations. Should you see yourself or your loved ones in stained glass or glass art, feel free to get in touch.


Forest Views

Forest Views is a back-lit glass piece which purpose is not only to aesthetically compliment the interior but also to evoke a pleasant atmosphere while lit. My inspiration came from observing the seasons. Particularly how light influences the atmosphere in nature and creates a special ambiance when entering the foliage of trees.

The piece has been hand painted and made through a combination of techniques such as enamelling combined with sand blasting, silk-screening and acid etching. The panel also features unique effects achieved by layered glass decorated with silver and genuine platinum. .

Designed for a Yorkshire based client.
Available on commission.

framed forest views final.jpg


The hand painted stained glass piece has some lovely flash red and a red on blue glass that has been acid etched in fluid expressive marks surrounding the replica of a little Victorian cherub. 

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'Golden Hour ', mixed media 

Living in the beautiful countryside of West Yorkshire my work is always strongly influenced by nature and natural elements. 
Original artwork and signed prints available.