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Size : W 67 x H 80 x D 12 cm

Materials: Glass, stainless steel, wood

Forest Glass Blinds

Sold out | Available on Commission
  • Not only a beautiful feature, but also a practical part of a building. Its moveable glass louvers constantly tweak the look and atmosphere of the interior - just like in the forest when rays of light travel through the canopy of trees. The art piece behaves as a natural light box and remains luminous even on a cloudy day.


    Inspired by an ethereal atmosphere of forest and its glistening canopy of trees.


    Techniques include hand painted enamels and silver stain, silk screened vitreous paint, deep sand blasting and acid etching. I have also added some delicate lustrous details hand painted with genuine platinum. The glass was kiln fired several times at 560 – 610’ C to gain permanence.


    Available on commission. Please email me with your enquiry on:

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