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Library Windows Fabrication

I am very pleased that the fabrication of the stained glass windows I’ve designed are now complete but I thought i’d share some images from the fabrication!

The three glass artworks have been hand crafted through meticulous application of contemporary and traditional techniques, some of which didn’t change for centuries.

These delicate and elaborate decorations are displaying outstanding glass painting skills, life long craftsmanship and knowledge of contemporary stained glass.

The chosen type of glass for this project is the very fine and beautiful Gold Pink Flash glass by @lambertsglass who makes all glass sheets through the ancient mouth blown method . The glass was then hand cut, acid etched, hand painted with vitreous enamels and kiln fired several times.

Thank you @derixglasstudios for your warm welcome! It’s great being back working alongside some of the most skilled people in this sector of art and craft.


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