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Queen's College, Cambridge - Roundel

Truly delighted to have been able to create this glass piece commissioned for the current President of Queen’s College, Cambridge. Despite its size this unique panel is by far one of the most technically elaborate, time and precision demanding pieces I have worked on so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Next stop for the piece is Queen’s College, its new home, where it will reside for the next 200 + years!

The client approached Recclesia SG with the heraldic motive that I have interpreted in glass through a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques. The mouth blown flash glass is etched, engraved, hand painted and layered with an additional glass sheet forming a floral background that I developed from an initial sketch layout on paper done by my colleague Kat.

I have painted and silver stained the leafs in a fashion that adds depth and density to the entire composition.


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